Vol. 4 Num 22 Thu. June 19, 2003  

Abed Khan Bhorer Kagoj Editor

Abed Khan, famous columnist and journalist has joined Dainik Bhorer Kagoj as Editor replacing Benzir Ahmed, the acting Editor.

Lately, he was chief of news section of Ekushey Television since its inception.

He started his career as a journalist in 1962 with now defunct Dainik Jehad after graduating from Dhaka University. Then he worked for Dainik Sangbad.

Later he joined Dainik Ittefaq as a sub-editor and subsequently worked as shift-in-charge, senior reporter and chief reporter for the daily. He was appointed assistant editor in 1978. He started writing columns since then and was acting as a member of editors' panel.

In 1995, he resigned from Dainik Ittefaq and started working as a freelance journalist and professional column writer in recognised dailies.

He published three books Abhajoner Nibedon Iti, Talk of the Town and Gaurananda Kobi Bhone Shune Punyaban.

In turns, he was elected president, joint secretary and member of East Pakistan Journalists' Union and Dhaka Journalists' Union.