Vol. 4 Num 34 Mon. June 30, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Urge to withdraw unfair Anti Dumping Duty

This has reference to the BSS news under the caption "Rahimafrooz loses appeal in Indian court" published in The Daily Star (June 26).

Here we can clearly see how the Indian government and Indian Industry lobby continue building trade barrier against Bangladesh, whereas they are enjoying trade benefits from Bangladesh for years.

From the news item we can also realise that, the judgement given by CEGAT was blatantly one-sided ignoring WTO stipulation by Indian court and it only reaffirms the business community concern of pro-active implementation of trade barrier by the Indian Govt. and the Indian Industry lobby. As such Government of Bangladesh (GOB) should be careful, alert and rigid enough in dealing trade matters with India.

India imposed and upheld anti-dumping decision against a globally reputed and foreign currency earner company like Rahimafrooz, therefore possibility is high that, similar export restrictions may be imposed on other industries of Bangladesh resulting in loss of huge amount of foreign currency.