Vol. 4 Num 34 Mon. June 30, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Stalemate in Sangsad again?

It appears that the nation is again plunging into uncertainty over the stalemate in parliament. Though our parliamentary history is always marred by unnecessary invectives, improper body language, disproportionate praising of leaders dead or alive and serious misuse of time and money, little good is delivered to the taxpayers by whose vote and money this parliament is created. Our elected leaders are least bothered at the hope and aspirations of the common people. This is evident from the chronic quorum problem of the Sangsad. Our MP's have ample time to spare to attend village shalish to secretariat tadbirs but find little time to occupy the coveted seats in the house for which they fought tooth and nail during the polls. Those who care to attend the session find no interest in discussing the relevant matters. Their discussion range from leader worshipping to vilification of opposition party, punctuated by personal bravado but never for the topic for which valuable time is allotted to him/her. We feel seriously disgusted when we see some of our hon'ble MPs throw open challenge to people of other profession including journalism to get elected in parliament to say a word about a topic. This type of challenge only demeans our lawmakers in the eye of ordinary people.

We the less fortunate who could not enter the domed house by popular vote may kindly be regarded as a citizen of the state equally empowered by the constitution to speak freely may be outside the parliament.

Present crisis in the parliament has not arisen out any major political controversy rather out of some unparliamentary talks by one or two lawmakers. The Deputy Speaker belatedly expunged some the comments which could not solace the major opposition party. They decided to boycott the Sangsad indefinitely. We are not in support of indefinite boycotts but also cannot overlook the unbecoming demeanour of the Treasury Bench. We appeal to the good sense of leader of the house and opposition to make the sangsad a working place of our law makers to be respected by all.People of this country has suffered a lot over the clashes of political parties in the past. Please leave us alone in our struggle to earn our bread.We are not envious of your exalted position,added perks or political prowess, just forgive us to concentrate in own our affairs.Let your differences be hammered out within the parliament and not in open road affecting our 'rooti roozi'.