Volume 4 Number 37 Wed. July 02, 2003    
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Letters to Editor
Deny everything!
Blame and lie; these two words fit more accurately with politics than any other profession. Politicians around the globe have made it their habit to use spin and lies, even with the most obvious matters.
A peaceful alien
Aung San Suu Kyi has been taken prisoner once more. Regimes such as Mugabe's continues to wreak havoc among their own people.
What about prepaid GP mobile?
Grameen Phone- a leading cellular phone company in Bangladesh has declared a slash in the call rate which is a welcome move by the company and by doing so it has fulfilled a long cherished desire of the
Sufferings of the cellphone users
Four cellular telephone operators came into operation over the last one decade.
Our troops in Iraq
I am very sad and insulted even by the thought of sending our troops in Iraq.
Tiger cub's death
Yet another incident of non-professionalism by the zoo staff (June 26, 2003). The tiger cub was reported sick.
DUTP, DTCB traffic nightmare for Dhaka
This has reference to the write-up 'Business of buses' published in The Daily Star's Star City supplement on 11 June.
Shopping plus fine
These days, there seems to be a mushroom growth of shopping malls in our city but with not enough parking facilities. Due to this the car owners suffer a lot.
My view on Magnetic Train in Bangladesh
It is indeed a great effort from our Communication Minister to introduce the fastest magnetic line between Dhaka and Chittagong.
Commercially Important Person
Many business personalities are enjoying the status of "Commercially Important Person" (CIP) granted by the Government of Bangladesh.
WMD cannot be found for the same reason Saddam cannot be found
After the US-led ouster of the Iraqi dictator, many critics have been blaming the US President George W.
Bush: The new Jack Ryan or Daffy Duck?
Anyone who has read Tom Clancy's books will be familiar with the character of 'Jack Ryan' -- the ordinary historian who is fated by great events to become the leader of the most powerful nation of the
Bangla band songs
I haven't watched BTV for years and seldom turned the Radio Bangladesh on. And had stopped myself from listening to the cut-copy songs of Bengali Bands.
Our politics
I refer to the comments made by Mr. Fredrick T. Temple, the outgoing country director of World Bank in Dhaka on Bangladesh political system (June 27).