Vol. 4 Num 36 Wed. July 02, 2003  
Letters to Editor

DUTP, DTCB traffic nightmare for Dhaka

This has reference to the write-up 'Business of buses' published in The Daily Star's Star City supplement on 11 June. In the era of open economy here emphasis has been given on a controlled economy in the name of 'bus route franchising' under "The Dhaka Transport Coordination Board (DTCB)".

Over the last few years any conscious citizen must have noticed that, lots of mass transport, specially four wheel vehicles of different sizes and shapes have appeared on the roads of Dhaka City under Public Transport suggestions of Dhaka Urban Transport Plan (DUTP), most of which are low quality Indian vehicles.

If we go back to the root of our transport problem in Dhaka City, we will find absence of standard criterion of routes, vehicles, fare, and service and about environment. We must understand that, our objective is to have congestion free transport facility and to achieve that we need to ensure the following:

Standard criterion of routes (this is also linked to overall zoning plan of the city, which is non-existent in Dhaka city).

Followed by standard criterion for vehicles, fare, service and about environment.

To maintain the set standard.

To bring about continuous improvement in the standards for public transport and overall system under open and fair competition.

We have to realise that, who are getting benefited out of the proposals under DUTP & DTCB at the expense of general public. Decision is ours whether we, the general public will live with donor/foreign agency proposal guided by interested lobby group. Or influence,our planners and make them accountable for basic services that they are responsible to provide as per our requirement.