Vol. 4 Num 36 Wed. July 02, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Shopping plus fine

These days, there seems to be a mushroom growth of shopping malls in our city but with not enough parking facilities. Due to this the car owners suffer a lot. Most of the shopping malls and markets are beside the busy roads and because of no parking facilities the customers have no choice but to park their cars on the road. And very often they are harassed and fined by the sergeant for parking on the road. But is it the customers' fault that the markets don't have sufficient parking facilities?

The other day I had a similar experience on Panthapath Road. There are many markets and hospitals on the road and if someone with a car visits these places he/she doesn't have any choice but park the car on the road. Although this road has four lanes and the last lane should be used for parking as it is done in foreign countries, it is not the case in Panthopoth. Therefore, every time we go out for shopping or some other places, the car owners have to take extra 500 taka for giving fine for parking on the road! How many days and years we have to suffer this way?