Vol. 4 Num 36 Wed. July 02, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Bangla band songs

I haven't watched BTV for years and seldom turned the Radio Bangladesh on. And had stopped myself from listening to the cut-copy songs of Bengali Bands. But I can recall the time when some bands in our country attempted to sing the old songs with modern approach. It became a trend after Maksud (Feedback) was scolded and reproached by the intellectuals for his attempt to sing a song of Tagore with modern approach. One must admit that his composition of the song had degraded the previous (original) version. He couldn't recompose the song maintaining the harmony with the lyrics, inner sense of the lyrics and all other parameters, which make a song worth listening. But one must also admit that he took a very good attempt. And that's what we see today, bands like Bangla and Dew Drops are making sensation.

However I've listened the songs of Lalon sung by Farida Parvin. And listened some of Bangla's re-composition of those songs. Though their composition aren't bad but they aren't talented enough to the height of the previous one. And in their re-composition the original feelings aren't preserved. We want a better version of old songs if they must be recomposed. But none of the bands have been able to do so.

But recently I turned the radio on and got the chance to hear the song 'chal, chal, chal.' (By Kazi Nazrul Islam) sung by the group 'Dew Drops'. It has the enthusiasm, the music do complement to the inner sense and thus dignify the song.

Though the age of modern Bangla language is not much old but it has got a treasure of valuable poems, lyrics and songs, which our bands can use, they need not copy all those English lyrics and tune. A good example here could be Dew Drops' chal, chal, chal.