Vol. 4 Num 36 Wed. July 02, 2003  

Printer Tech
200 millionth Inkjet printer
On June 23 HP celebrated the shipment of its 200 millionth inkjet printer, signifying the largest worldwide number of inkjet printer customers, says a press release.

HP reached the shipment of its 10 millionth inkjet printer in November 1993. Ten years later, HP has increased that number by twenty times. This rapid growth is a result of HP's leading printer technology, transforming the customer experience and driving the industry with easy-to-use and innovative products.

HP has continued to lead the imaging and printing market with innovative technologies and features, addressing consumers' evolving printing needs with new products. The convergence of IT and entertainment in the home space means consumers want radically simple, but integrated solutions, to share and enjoy digital photography. The combination of HP's printers, premium photo paper and ink technology produces true-to-life, professional photo prints that rival the quality of traditional photos.

In Asia Pacific, HP continues to maintain market leadership position with 51% in the All-in-Ones (inkjet) category and 31% in the color inkjet category.

Did You Know? Fun 200 millionth printer facts:

200 million printers will cover the decks of 1,779 aircraft carriers

200 million printers will cover 1/2 of Manhattan Island

200 million printers will fill 81/2 Empire State Buildings