Vol. 4 Num 57 Wed. July 23, 2003  

Game Tech
Chittagong Racing
Another racing game on the track

AT the source of every creative act lies inspirationa lot of inspiration. And for two young men this inspiration comes from the massive success of the first 3D racing game in Bangladesh, Dhaka Racing.

Thus Chittagong racing was born. Chittagong racing, as the name suggests, is a 3D racing game set in the scenic port city of Chittagong.

Ahmed Shamsul Arefin and Samiran Mahmud, two 4th year students of BIT, Chittagong, are the proud developers. They both belong to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Version1.0 of the game, depicting the BIT campus track, is complete. Three other tracks, Kaptai Lake, Tiger Pass-Batali Hill and a special track on Old Dhaka are 'under construction'.

Apart from these, they are currently working on enhancing gravitation and collision simulation in their terrains.

With 3D State as the game engine, Direct X, Visual C++ and 3D Studio Max have been used.

However, these Chittagong racing boys have a distinct advantage, which, if implemented properly, is sure to give them a good boost. And this comes in the way of designing racing tracksone of the key ingredients in any racing game. Because Chittagong abounds in a variety of scenic, hilly and dangerous tracks, these people can have their pick of any number of these against which to model their own.

As one of the developers said, "Besides Dhaka racing, the next great inspiration was the extraordinary landscape of Chittagong".

This is a drawback in case of the Dhaka racing people, who often say that finding interesting tracks and terrains is a problem. Because of obvious reasons, the choices within Dhaka city are limited.

The 3D modeling of the game, as perceived in the demo version, is good but it could definitely do with some improvement.

So it is to be hoped that the developers continue improving, polishing up and above all keeping up their good work.