Vol. 4 Num 66 Fri. August 01, 2003  

A sophisticated display by Natyakendra

Natyakendro', a leading theatre group, presented the drama Protisoron (Refraction) at the Mahila Samity Moncho recently. The sophisticated presentation of the play, which was based on struggle of a middle-class urban family, moved the spectators en masse.

The charismatic drama personality, Tariq Anam was the key-player behind the play, written and directed by popular TV-star Toukir Ahmed.

Although its plot portrayed surrealistic vision of life, the young and promising playwright included quite a bit of humour--sometimes satirical and sometimes farcical. Again, the story was interlocked with metaphysical traits, along with a mixture of suspense, thrill, romance, tragedy and phathos.

The playwright has incorporated diverse elements in the story based on six characters--Khokon, Lopa, the father, Chhoton, Obayed and the secretary.

The central character, Khokon, an architect turned businessman, poses as a person of high moral values. Lopa, Khokon's wife, who comes of a noble family, had a pre-marital relation with a man, when she was a teenager. The man now holds the post of secretary, and is very close to Lopa's husband. Chhoton, a mariner and younger brother of Khokon, has been missing following a ship-wreckage. However, his father believes that he is still alive and might come back one day. Chhoton often appears before his brother, as if in the real world, in time of his crisis.

Obayed, business-partner of Khokon, is basically a jolly person. In course of time, they manage to make an ambitious business-deal with the corrupt secretary. Owing to personality clash, Khokon finally declines to do the job. The whole story takes a different turn when the secretary pays a visit to Khokon's residence to receive bribe as part of the deal. It gives rise to a serious misunderstanding between Khokon and Lopa resulting in the separation of the couple--Lopa leaving for an unknown destination.

The actors of Protisoron in general, performed well. Although the set-design of the stage was a bit monotonous, the costume and makeup were up to the mark. However, the background music and lighting needed more attention. Above all, the drama was well attended.