Vol. 4 Num 68 Sun. August 03, 2003  
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Route permits of unfit river vessels to be cancelled soon

The Ministry of Shipping has instructed authorities concerned to immediately cancel route permit of river vessels operating without fitness certificate and design as prescribed by the government.

Talking to reporters yesterday, Akbar Hossain, minister for shipping, said two more inquiry committees have been formed.

One committee will investigate whether the vessels had due fitness certificates and the other will cross-examine the vessels' fitness certificate issued recently.

The ministry has decided to remove the previous panel of supervisors from the new panel, he said.

A section of officials earlier gave fitness certificates to passenger launches and other river vessels without proper inspection and might have taken bribe from the owners, he added.

In this context, he said that a case has been filed against Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) official Abdul Mannan who was the chieftain of supervisory panel allowing indiscriminate clearance without proper supervision.