Vol. 4 Num 72 Thu. August 07, 2003  

New Product
PRAN Cola launched

PRAN formally launched first local carbonated soft drink, PRAN Cola, yesterday.

The drink has hit Bangladesh market, company officials said.

The drink is fully a combination of local ingredients having no affiliation with any multinational brand, said Ahsan Khan Chowdhury, deputy managing director of PRAN Group. Chowdhury was speaking at a press conference at the National Press Club.

Chowdhury attributed the success of the drink to PRAN Research and Development Department.

He said PRAN has a large market share in fruit-juice in Bangladesh. "We're hopeful about this carbonated drink as we feel that Bangladesh market for carbonated drinks is four-time larger than the fruit juice market," Chowdhury added.

The company has a plan to introduce fruit flavoured carbonated drinks in near future with its well-equipped factory, Chowdhury said.

The 250 ml PRAN Cola in 'returnable glass bottle' will cost Tk 10 and 200 ml PRAN Cola will cost Tk eight, said Eleas Mridha, executive director of the company.

The company has also planned to export PRAN Cola to north-eastern part of India where PRAN products have a large market share.

Pop singer Azam Khan, dancer Shamim Ara Nipa and folk singer Kuddus Bayati were also present at the press conference.

Ahsan Khan Chowdhury, deputy managing director of PRAN Group, shows off a PRAN Cola bottle at a press conference organised to mark the launching of the first-ever local carbonated soft drink in Bangladesh at the National Press club in Dhaka yesterday. Artistes Azam Khan, Shamim Ara Nipa and Kuddus Bayati are also seen at the conference. Photo: Star