Vol. 4 Num 76 Mon. August 11, 2003  
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Strike to jumble up DU sessions

Dhaka University (DU) students are going to face another spate of session jams due to the weeklong strike at the university till August 7 enforced by the Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL).

"Over 25, 000 students may face academic clogging of at least two to three months due to the unscheduled closure that paralysed the university. Classes and examinations had to be rescheduled, which has a trickle-down effect," said a senior DU official.

Session jams delay publication of results and compound accommodation problem at the halls, he mentioned.

The DU students are already about two years behind their academic sessions.

Controller of Examinations of the university Mohammad Abdul Latif said, " Thirty-one scheduled examinations of different departments and institutes of the university were postponed because of the six-day strike and classes were also affected. It will take time to reschedule those."

Students of the DU lost at least 557 days of the last 13 academic sessions and seven days in the current session that began on July 1 because of unscheduled closures.

Besides the scheduled vacation of about 90 days a year, the university remained closed for more than 42 days a year on an average due to students' strike, hartal and such other grounds.

During the autocratic rule of HM Ershad, the DU remained closed for 474 days from 1980-81 academic session to 1989-90 session.

The last session (2002-03) witnessed 72 days of unscheduled closure, including 67 days for the Shamsunnahar Hall incident.

The academic session 1991-92 had 94 lost academic days, the highest so far. The university remained closed for 35 days in 1998-99 session for floods.

According to sources at the university, DU activities were suspended for 51 days in 1990-91 session, 94 days in 1991-92, 10 days in 1992-93, 22 days in 1993-94, 42 days in 1994-95, 55 days in 1995-96, 23 days in 1996-97, 18 days in 1997-98, 56 days in 1998-99, 23 days in 1999-2000, 22 days in 2000-2001, 69 days in 2001-2002 and 72 days in 2002-2003.

DU Vice-chancellor Prof. SMA Faiz said, "We are concerned at the loss of time...We will try our best to resolve the session jam problem by rearranging the postponed examinations."

A number of students criticised the student bodies who blamed the session jams on them.