Vol. 4 Num 76 Mon. August 11, 2003  
Letters to Editor

The burden of income tax

Many of us are a bit surprised seeing the recent activities in the highest seat of the country's judiciary where, it is assumed that, everything maintains order. This year the budgetary law requires the professionals including lawyers to submit income tax return. The lawyer community is against the submission of tax return for reasons best known to them. Questions cropping up in public mind whether they (the lawyers) are a community or group of people who are immune to the law of the country? Why the lawyers should be any different from other professionals regarding this tax matter? Will the honourable lawyers kindly explain more for our knowledge?

I am a service holder and as a law-abiding citizen, I pay my income tax and submit return to the tax authority, regularly for many years now. To spare money from the salary for income tax is not easy while one fails to meet other basic family and social obligations. The tax is deducted in advance from the salary as if salary is earned to pay the income tax. Unfortunately the tax-free limit is just ridiculous when you cannot implement the same uniformly.

I suggest that the government think about a reasonable tax-free limit that can be implemented and will not put much pressure on the taxpayers.