Vol. 4 Num 77 Tue. August 12, 2003  
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24th BCS exams won't be cancelled

The recently held preliminary test of the 24th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examinations will not be cancelled, Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman JN Tahmida Begum said yesterday.

She told the state-run news agency that the 'propaganda by a certain quarter' that the questions of the examination were leaked out proved false following investigations by the PSC and intelligence agencies.

She said there was no similarity between the handwritten questions supplied to different places and the original ones of the PSC. No proofs were found in support of the leakage of questions in the inquiry conducted by the PSC and the intelligence agencies, she added.

The PSC chairman added that the process of scrutinising the answer scripts of the test has also begun.

She said the intelligence agencies have gathered what she said 'sensational information' on the rumour of leakage of questions. Steps are underway to identify the persons responsible for 'this evil design', she added.

The PSC chairman also had a set of handwritten fake questions during the test, a source claimed.

However, she found no similarity between the handwritten questions and the real ones.

She said one or two questions might be common if someone made a set of questions collecting suggestions from different coaching centres.