Vol. 4 Num 77 Tue. August 12, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Gains (?) and losses of Bangladesh cricket

Bangladesh cricket team just concluded their series against the mighty Australians. Like everybody, I also was confused about their performance there. But thanks to our cricketers and the new coach Dave Whatmore as they at least tried to resist the Australian attack. Though they lost both the test and ODI series, they were able to show the rest of the cricket world that they have the potential, they have the ability to do even better than this.

So we should not lose heart. We should keep faith on them. Definitely one day they will bring glory. What we will have to do now is to wait and give them more time to grow more confidence.


Bangladesh Cricket Team just completed a tour that was supposed to be an acid test for our cricket. With the tour over, time has now come to draw the balance sheet of gains and losses. Suffering defeats at the hand of world champions is very much acceptable and it is in line with the state of contemporary cricket. You know that some of world's leading teams performed very poorly against Australia. Now the question comes -- in the second and third one-day, the opposition's bowling attack consisted of average and part time bowlers, so why did the batsmen fail to capitalise such mediocre bowling attack. It is a pity to see that the likes of Harvey, Leehman, Symonds, created quite a havoc on Bangladesh cricket. Certain things have been very dominant in Bangladesh innings. For example, when the opening pair put up an impressive performance, then the middle order collapsed and vice versa. In every innings only one partnership developed and not a single batsman succeeded in back to back matches. In the second one-day, the opening pair did the groundwork but the subsequent players just squandered the opportunity by throwing their wickets.

Some basic things were missing like running between the wickets and the ability to take catches in the slip area. The captain faltered in failing to drag the bat while he got run out. The composition of the team may also suggest that all the eleven players are not capable of playing international matches. In fact six players (namely Hannan Sarker, Habibul Basher, Khaled Masud, Mashrafi, Rafique and Alok Kapali) are capable of delivering quality cricket that is needed at this level. So it transpires that six players can never match eleven players of a team, that too world champions. I guess we have to think about it.

Abul Moqsud, Dhanmondi, Dhaka