Vol. 4 Num 77 Tue. August 12, 2003  
Letters to Editor

Fly-happy Hasina

Thank you for the captioned report published in your Daily of 7 August 2003. I am not surprised at Hasina's action but I am pleasantly surprised that Daily Star chose to print on a subject like this.

It has been a hallmark of our politicians both in the opposition and in the seat of power to be more concerned about their "private and personal matters" rather than issues of national concern. While Sheikh Hasina goes abroad for a "relaxed" time with her dear and near ones the prime minister is known for her visits on account for performing Umrah and reported medical treatment on lesser calling. Incidentally it may be relevant to mention here that the needed medical attention could be effectively arranged here within the country or in neighbouring India at half or perhaps no costs besides gaining considerable political mileage. No less than the Indian Premier himself seem to be doing as well as could be expected after undergoing treatment for similar ailments using available facilities within his own country.

There is so much to do and deal within the country, it is imperative that both opposition and the leader of the House remain within the country to the greatest extent possible in order to effectively deal with pressing issues facing the country. It is more imperative on the opposition leader than the leader of the House particularly at this juncture of political instability and turmoil..

The nation is faced with such critical issues like controversies regarding appointment of Judges of the High court, government's dragging of the feet and delaying tactics in separating the Judiciary from the Executive, extensive and continued politicisation of Administration, the judiciary, the civil service and ever-rising highhanded undemocratic actions by the ruling party, the" signs of emerging religious fundamentalism" etc. To my mind other than harping on the demand for resignation of the present regime it has not able to make any real impact on any of the other "critical" issues facing the country given the fact that the ruling party is also to blame.