Vol. 4 Num 77 Tue. August 12, 2003  

TV Drama
New production house of Mimi

Afsana Mimi has started working with fresh enthusiasm. The making of the new mega serial Sharey tintala has started this month under the banner of her new production house 'Krishnachura'.

After the closing of Machranga in June, the audience along with the media world were qiute disappointed as Mimi was producing two popular mega serials Bandhan and Grihagalpo under its banner. Everybody expected that she would present standard dramas when Machranga was closed all of a sudden.

Mimi established Krishnachura and produced a number of commercials from the house. Besides two promotional films on articles of law titled Mamla Noy Mimangsha and Aurthohin Adalot have been made.

Sharey Tintala has been written by Nazrul Islam and Debashish Kakon and directed by Manirul Hassan.