Vol. 4 Num 77 Tue. August 12, 2003  

Writings on the walls

Writings on the walls are vying for your attention.
They are crying hoarse for your attention.
All over the country wherever you may go
Similar writings will you invariably follow.

The complainants cry,"Ropes for the accused!
Gallows for the enemy of the people!
Hang him now! Hang him now!"
The scions of the accused take a different vow:
"Release our brother Ali immediately"
"Withdraw all cases against Ali!
"Release our brother Ali unconditionally."

Abel's scions cry for Cain's blood,
Cain's scions chew the cud.
And asked with equanimity
For Cain's pardon or indemnity.

Writings on the walls you can never miss
It would be difficult them to dismiss:
The demands for the release for the accused
Or the demands for the noose for the accused.

Muhammad Habibur Rahman is former Chief Justice and head of caretaker government