Vol. 4 Num 84 Tue. August 19, 2003  

Bangladesh cricket manager's Urdu interview shocks tour party

Bangladesh manager MA Latif has stunned the members of the national cricket team and the travelling journalists by giving a television interview in Urdu.

On Sunday evening, most of the Pakistani television channels carried an interview of Latif where he was seen volunteering to speak in Urdu for the convenience of the interviewer who was weak in English.

But this uncalled-for generosity sparked a sharp reaction from the Bangladesh players and journalists.

After watching the interview on TV, a senior member of the Bangladesh team remarked that the manager should not have spoken in a language that brings back bitter memories of the language movement and pre-liberation Pakistani rule.

"How could he do that? He simply let us down," said the player.

When approached, Latif, who was a cadet of the Pakistan Military Academy, appeared unperturbed.

"They wanted the interview in Urdu because the Pakistani masses only understand that language. I just oblige to a request," he said.