Vol. 4 Num 85 Wed. August 20, 2003  

Nassa Group gets supplier's award from WalMart
Compliance with standards, product quality, on time shipment earn attention

Bangladeshi garment manufacturer Nassa Group has recently received supplier's award from US retailer WalMart.

Nassa Group officials said the company received the award, International Supplier of the Year 2002, for compliance with WalMart standards, product quality, on time shipment and volume of sale.

Chairman of the group Md Nazrul Islam Mazumder said it has supplied apparels worth $ 40 million in 2002 to WalMart. The total turnover of the group stands at around US$ 150 million including sale in the domestic market.

The chairman said his group supplies around one million dozens of readymade apparels to WalMart each year and that the group is the single largest supplier from Bangladesh.

The group is in business with WalMart for past six years.

"Any supplier's distinction, in the eyes of WalMart, depends on the factors like highest compliance to a set of 'buyer-defined business practice standards', on-time shipment of quality products, and volume of sale," Mazumder told The Daily Star.

WalMart, world's largest merchandise retailer, has awarded the company 'International Supplier of the Year 2002' consecutively for the second time in appreciation of its outstanding performance in delivery of quality apparel.

Mazumder said a company or a group does not necessarily qualify for the award even if it manufactures high quality products and makes shipment in due time since the product has to have a good demand in the market.

Nassa Group Managing Director Nazrul Islam Swapan attributed the success of the company to hard work, honesty, and sincerity in delivering quality merchandise.

Among other Bangladeshi manufacturers, Epic Designer too has won the same award in 2002. Both Islam Group and Arrow Fashion won WalMart award in 1999 and Mohammadi Group in 1997, according to sources.

Nassa Group chairman said they have gone into publicity campaign through newspaper advertisements to create awareness among international buyers regarding the quality of their products.

"Following the advertisements, one buyer from Europe has expressed willingness to buy goods from us," the chairman said.

He said the publicity was aimed at making an impact on potential buyers at home and abroad to encourage them to purchase Nassa's products. "It was also intended to stir a competitiveness for excellence among the exporters."

Nassa Group presently employs some 25,000 people and had also received 'Vendor of the Year' award from K-Mart on several occasions.