Vol. 4 Num 94 Fri. August 29, 2003  
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Pvt plants may get nod to manage water, sewerage

The proposed Water and Sewerage Regulatory Commission will encourage private installation of plants to meet the growing demand for water and sewerage system.

"If anyone wants to install water plants, the regulatory commission will issue licences for them," an official at the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives (LGRD) quoted the draft of the commission as saying.

The LGRD ministry formed a taskforce on July 12 this year to prepare the draft. The taskforce included representatives from the ministry, Dhaka and Chittagong Water and Sewerage Authority (Wasa), Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) and Dhaka City Corporation.

The taskforce has sent the draft to different stakeholders for their suggestions by August 31. The draft will be sent for cabinet approval next month, sources said.

"The proposed Water and Sewerage Regulatory Commission will oversee the activities of Dhaka and Chittagong Wasa and water supply and sewerage systems in municipalities across the country," said a member of the taskforce.

According to the draft, instead of Wasa and other municipalities and the DPHE, the proposed regulatory body will fix the tariff rate of water.

In Dhaka city, the demand of water is 160 crore litres a day against Dhaka Wasa's production of 145 crore litres.

"If private water ventures come into the scene, they will not just satisfy the demand for water in Dhaka, but also improve the service of Wasa," the taskforce member said.

A cabinet meeting on February 2 this year decided to bring the water and sewerage authorities under a regulatory body.