Volume 4 Number 95 Fri. August 29, 2003    
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Mars Attack
For the past few days it seems the entire country has fallen under Mars fever. Everyone from grandpa to their grandchildren is simply ecstatic about Mars.
Reconstruction effort
With the reconstruction effort proving inadequate, near about four months after the end of the Iraq occupation, Paul Bremer, US administrator in Iraq announced at the end of July a "detailed timetable
"Safe driving"
This is reference to the letter "Safe Driving" (August 27, 2003), by Reazur Rahman.

I am very sorry about his friend. And I am equally sorry to say that, this is an everyday nightmare.

Why not in Urdu
I am writing in response to the letter written by Mahboob-e-Gaus on August 25, regarding Bangladesh Cricket Team Manager Latif Khan. Apart from criticising Mr. Latif for his audacious interview, Mr.
Private universities on the loose
Recently it has been reported that the University Grants Commission (UGC) would be launching a crackdown on a specified number of private universities that according to the UGC were operating withoutvalid
Private universities: Blessing or a curse?
I believe the role of the private universities in providing higher education in Bangladesh is often unappreciated and the criticisms that the private universities are subjected to, are often uncalledfor.
Another lost project
I am a student of O-level in Maple Leaf International School. My father asked me a few days ago to calculate the ticket cost of the Magnetic Train considering the project cost to be 750 million U$D.
Grameen Phone and Oligopoly
First of all let me congratulate GP for their success. Mr. Musabber (August 27) should know that like every sector our mobile telecom sector is also operating in a free market economy.
Mr. Hasan Jahid Tusher reports (DS 24th Aug) "DU Chief Engineer said the concrete structures of the university are being damaged due to lack of maintenance."

This statement sounds good and very reasonable.

Liberalising alcohol policy
I have read with interest all the letters written on this topic. I would like to make some observations.
A question
I'm a 3rd year student of DU. A paper of our year final exam will be held on October 2. Now the problem is, the most important Hindu festival of a year, the Durga puja will begin from October 1.
Maglev controversy
I would like to respond to the letter of Mr Anisul Huq headed "Maglev Train".
The Bangladesh delegation to Cancun
I take pride in the fact that Bangladesh will be one of the three vice-chairs of this coming WTO ministerial meeting in Mexico and represent our entire continent (ref. "Dhaka Rejects Cancun Draft").