Vol. 4 Num 94 Fri. August 29, 2003  

Star news
Anil Kapoor stars in Sahara's first Hindi film from Bengal

Reviving a trend nearly relegated to history, the Sahara India Group is planning to make a Hindi film on locations in eastern Indian state West Bengal with Bollywood star Anil Kapoor in the lead role and Bengal's Prasenjit Chatterjee as director.

A major part of the shooting will be in Kolkata. The main intention of the film is to promote Bengal. It has great locations, great filmmakers, actors and actresses," Kapoor, a national award winner, told newsmen here.

Tentatively titled Vande Mataram, the film will be Chatterjee's first venture into directing in Hindi after having made three Bengali films earlier.

"My aim is to make Hindi films from Bengal. Initially, I had thought of making the film in Bengali, but later decided to do it in Hindi. I am an actor myself and thought that Anil can fit the role. We have to come out with the best," Chatterjee said.

Asked why he was not also doing a Bengali version of his film, Chatterjee said it was because Hindi films commanded a good market in Eastern India and a Bengali version therefore would be unnecessary.

Kapoor, who is tentatively cast in award winning director Rituparna Ghosh's first Hindi film, said he was not averse to working in Bengali films also. "When you go out of India, it is always an Indian film and not a Hindi or Bengali film... But my working in a Bengali film would depend on its script."