Vol. 4 Num 109 Fri. September 12, 2003  

Beauty pageant
Lux Anandadhara Miss Dhaka Photogenic 2003
Lux has been creating stars all over the world. The Lux Anandadhara Miss Bangladesh Photogenic contest aims at creating talented and brand new stars every year in the glamour world.

The Lux Anandadhara Miss Dhaka Photogenic 2003 took place in the Narayanganj Club on September 8, says a press release. The club was decked up in bright lights and was also decorated with photos of the 9 competing girls.. These 9 girls had to compete in front of a live audience and also 5 judges. The winner of the contest was Anuza Chandra and Rudmilla Arefin and Nazma Sultana Piya as the 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively. The contest was judged by Asaduzzaman Noor and Arun Chowdhury from Asiatic and Anandadhara respectively, Mohammad Fozlul Haq, a distinguished businessman, AKM Jahidul Haq, President of Narayanganj Shanksritic Jote, Udichi Narayanganj, and Farida Akhtar, Project Director, NSDP.

The current Lux Anandadhara Miss Photogenic Kushum Skhidar crowned the winner, followed by an exciting performance by one of last year's Miss Photogenic Tinni, and popular singers Farzana Mili and Shubir Nandi.