Vol. 4 Num 128 Thu. October 02, 2003  

Heart to heart
Lucky Inam and Dr. Inam
The duo romanticising the drama lane

In the sky of our cultural arena, the Inam duo is among the few stars twinkling steadily. They have pioneered many remarkable performing arts but unfortunately did not get enough recognition.

Not many of us know that Dr. Inamul Haq is the playwright of Bangla Amar Bangla, the first TV play made after independence and also that his play Mala Ekshato Malancha was the last play broadcast on March 23, 1971 by Pakistan television. Abdullah Al Mamun was the producer of both the plays.

Recently in a magazine one of the female artistes of our country has claimed to be the first person to have performed in a dual character. In fact it is Lucky Inam who first appeared in a dual role in the play Anubhabe Anubhutee with Pijush Bandyopadhyay in 1987. In the same play she also playbacked a song.

When still a student, Dr. Inamul Haq started his acting career in 1959. In those days his companions were Abdullah Al Mamun, Ali Ahsan Sydney and the Majumdars. This group took their theatre lessons from Shahid Munier Chaudhury, Ashkar Ibne Shaikh and Syed Hassan Imam.

In 1968, he joined the Nagarik Natya Sampradaya. In the same year he was enlisted in both Radio and Television. He became famous in the role of Moti in Ayomoy and in Shuktara as Gasirudin.

Lucky began performing in 1972. At first she too had joined the Nagorik Natya Samradaya and had been enlisted in both the audio and visual media. She had been the first female artiste of the group. Her favourite playwright is Syed Shamsul Haq. Directors Aly Zaker, Ataur Rahman, Nasirudin Yousuff and Dr. Inamul Haq are among her favourites. The characters of Kona in Sarama and Ambia in Nuruldiner Sarajibon on stage and on television Mrs. Esha in Bahubrihi and Bara Bou in Ayomoy gave her immense satisfaction.

Writer of nearly 60 plays, Dr. Inam considers Anek Diner Ekdin his best. Although he has been directing plays on stage for a long time, he thinks his career as a teacher at BUET has given him honour and his performing art fame as well as satisfaction. He faces no contradiction between these two identities.

Lucky Inam, more familiar as an actress, is the playwright of more than 50 plays. She also directs plays on Radio. Recently she has emerged as a director of package dramas. The couple thinks that 80 percent of the package dramas are below standard and proper monitoring is required for its betterment.

Lucky considers the Award of Honour for dedication in theatre in 1984 is her best achievement so far, while Dr. Inam is satisfied having won the BACHSAS award.

The couple thinks that the upcoming performers lack maturity. They should concentrate on voice modulation. At the same time the Inams think that it is the duty of the seniors to give the young talents a break so that they can come to limelight. They consider creating new theatre workers to be very remarkable. They are hopeful about the future of the performing art in the country.

The Inam duo