Vol. 4 Num 156 Fri. October 31, 2003  

6th National Poetry Festival

The 6th National Poetry Festival took place recently at the Public Library. The three-day program had a number of poetry lovers and reciters from all over the country together, enhancing the strength of the art. Eminent cultural personality Sanjida Khatun inaugurated the festival at the Shaukat Osman Smriti Auditorium, Public library.

Various recitation groups, who had come from all over the nation participated in the festival, namely, Brindo, Muktadhara, Shonon, Proma, Prakash and many others. A good number of individual reciters had also taken part in this three-day fest.

Groups like Muktadhara showcased their talents where poems were recited based on the rhythm, tempo, voice modulation and style. Ananya Laboni Putul recited about a woman in emotional turmoil and pain, and brought out the reality through her facial expressions and the unique method of using a particular dialect.

Poetry is now occupying a more developed area in the field of arts today, which is evident from the growing interest amongst the younger generation of the country.