Vol. 4 Num 161 Wed. November 05, 2003  

Face to face
Jamaluddin and Rowshan Ara strive for novelty

Recently the famous actor-director Jamaluddin Hussain turned sixty. Rowshan Ara Hussain, his wife, is better known as "Shejo Khala'' for her performance in popular T.V. serial Shokal Shondhya. The couple has been contributing to the enrichment of TV drama and stage theatre for the last thirty years. The couple belongs to the front liners who struggled to establish theatre in our country after the Liberation War.

Age can never restrict the artistic creation. However, at this point Jamaluddin Hussain thinks that his physical and mental condition will unfortunately not allow him to continue with his acting career. Since he can never think of leaving the challenging world of theatre, he is trying to involve himself more in direction. His wife, Rowshan Ara Hussain, has always been an inspiration to him in achieving his goal.

General Secretary of Nagarik Natyangan Ensamble, Jamaluddin Hussain is professionally an engineer, while Rowshan Ara Hussain, the Vice President of the group, is a housewife. Each having a rich cultural background, the couple appeared together on stage just after their marriage in 1975 as members of Nagarik Natya Sampradaya.

As for Rowshan Ara Hussain, in her early age in Kolkata, she took part in various cultural events. In the beginning, she faced some social obstacles which her contemporary female artistes also faced at that time.

In his long theatre career, Jamaluddin Hussain thinks that he, with his contemporary theatre practitioners, have successfully introduced the ticketing system in our country. But, he believes that 'if the government does not patronise theatre, the future is bleak in Bangladesh.' He demands that the government should build a national theatre, which will enable the theatre workers to get jobs and thereby promote professionalism. Personally, he helps junior actors establish themselves and invites others to do so.

The couple has appeared in many TV plays and has always been loved by the audience. Jamaluddin Hussain is also the playwright of many TV plays. At present, they are busy with package programmes. Like other renowned artistes, they are not happy with the selection process in the sector. In theatre, Jamaluddin Hussain has directed nine plays, seven of them for his own group.

Rowshan Ara Hussain was happy with her remarkable performance in Shokal Shondhya, Shangshaptak, Shuktara and Bara Bari. In theatre, she considers her best performance as Shonka in Chand Boniker Pala. Jamaluddin Hussain is pleased to have contributed in Chand Boniker Pala, which was well appreciated by the Dhaka audience and that of Kolkata.

BACHSAS has honoured them for their contribution in theatre. Moreover, they have also been awarded for their involvement in theatre by Cultural Reporters' Association.

The duo, who along with others, struggled to establish theatre in our country.