Vol. 4 Num 161 Wed. November 05, 2003  

Tech Focus
Play money game inside out

NET freaks now have another way to pass their time on the net but in a more productive way by playing a game, which will help them understand how a stock exchange operates. is an online stock market simulation, primarily designed for Dhaka Stock Exchange platform.

"The game has been developed to create awareness among youngsters on stock exchange trading," said Aftab Jahan Subedar, software engineer and owner of Subedar Technologies and architect of

He said this is a matrix game where every transaction is hypothetical except for the registration fee part.

Users have to pay less than Tk 1,000 as registration fee to play the game. However, anyone can play the game for free for a week. After depositing the fee every user virtually gets Tk 1,00,000 to start the game.

Jahan, also a former lecturer of Stamford University, University of East London and Edith Cowan University, said players will get an auto-responded password right after online submission.

They can change the password at will and can be retrieved by just submitting their email at 'forgotten' option pages, he added.

Gamers having no idea on stock, stockbroker and stock exchange trade can learn these things from 'tutorial' section of the game. "The section also contains ways of playing the game," Jahan said.

At the end of the day or month or year players can also check their ranks in the 'ranking' division.

The registration fees have been fixed for different levels of users, Tk 120 for SSC students, Tk 360 for HSC students, Tk 150 for teachers, Tk 450 for lecturers, Tk 500 for graduate students and Tk 700 for professors a year.

Jahan uses UNIX operating system, Apache http server, 'MySQL' database server, C/C++ and Java, OTP encryption, CGI and UML technologies to develop the game.

Besides the developer also uses different tools like rational rose, Microsoft Visual Studio and MS Front Page.

Users can download OS detector-K9OS, Win32 and MySQL last value software free of cost from the game site.

Talking about his future plan, Jahan said proceeds from selling this game will be used for making a state-of-the-art security camera, which can be used by embassies, banks, traffic, airports, defences and banks.

Jahan has also contributed a function/tool mysql_last_value() for MySQL database on UNIX based systems. Local C/C++ authors can get support from him directly or download the source from jahan.geo/mysql_last_value() or It has also been added to FreeBSD UNIX at cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=55649

Jahan was also a lecturer on data structure, operating system and also conducted database design and assembly for City and Guild University, London, and computer programming for NCC (UK).

He also designed software for many corporate, defence, intelligence, communication and forensic organisations the world over including United Nations.

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