Vol. 4 Num 167 Mon. November 10, 2003  
Star City

Guide House to wear a new look

The Guide House at Bailey Road has finalised a plan to renovate its auditorium to provide better service for stage performers, organisers and drama lovers.

"We will invite tender for renovations in a month," said Rawshan Ara, general secretary of the Guide House.

The Guide House was established in 1964 to spearhead the movement of the Girl Guides and the auditorium was built in 1982 as a means of raising funds for the organisation.

Over the years, the Guide House has catered for thousands of drama lovers. The Guide House Auditorium and the Mohila Samity are supporting drama activists throughout the years. The Mohila Samity has already renovated its auditorium and now the Guide House follows suit.

"We are renovating the auditorium to provide better service for people," Rawshan Ara said.

Better service needs better facilities like central air-conditioning and modern acoustic system. The renovation work includes increasing the number of seats from 340 to 500 and installing a modern lighting system.

"We have consulted with Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation and the architecture department of BUET," the general secretary said.

Bangladesh Group Theatre selected M Hamid, Jamaluddin and Nasiruddin Yusuf Bacchu as technical committee members of the renovation project.

"The renovation work should be done with no delay, as our performances are being affected for lack of proper stages," Nasiruddin Yusuf Bacchu said.

Although a group unofficially works for the Guide House for its maintenance, the education ministry authorised a committee of volunteers to take care of the auditorium, as it is under the ministry.

The Guide House was a loss-making auditorium, but now the authorities are hopeful of turning it into an income-generating venture.

"The rent of the auditorium was Tk 1, 000 a show and we paid about Tk 35,000 in electricity bills a month," Rawshan Ara said.

The auditorium was closed on November 1, 2002 for the renovation work to be funded by the Guide House.

"It will take another year to complete the work," said a source in the Guide House.

The Guide House auditorium at Bailey Road is closed for renovations. PHOTO: Syed Zakir Hossain