Vol. 4 Num 195 Fri. December 12, 2003  
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No job extension to education secretary

Education Secretary Shahidul Alam was not given further extension, as his two-year service expired yesterday.

A draft proposal of giving Shahidul, one of the most powerful bureaucrats in the civil administration, one more year contract was sent through the Ministry of Establishment to Prime Minister Khaleda Zia prior to her visit to Switzerland, but she declined it, official sources said.

Officials at the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said unlike the past two years, the government has decided to give fewer extensions in the administration to reduce resentment against excessive contractual appointments in the civil service.

Around half a dozen contracts with top bureaucrats expired last month and except for Cabinet Secretary Saadat Husain, no-one was given extension.

The officials said contracts of some more secretaries will expire this month. They are President's Secretary Anisul Haq Chowdhury on December 14, Power Division Secretary SM Shamsul Alam on December 24, Primary and Mass Education Secretary Tehmina Hussain on December 30 and Local Government Division Secretary AYBI Siddiqi on December 31.

Contracts of several other high officials and heads of various government departments will also expire this month. Extension of those is unlikely, the PMO officials said.