Vol. 4 Num 198 Mon. December 15, 2003  

Lest we forget
Dr Md Fazle Rabbee

Dr Md Fazle Rabbee, an internationally renowned cardiologist, was martyred in the infamous intellectual Killing in the 1971 War of Liberation. After graduating with a gold medal and highest honors from the Dhaka Medical College, he obtained two postgraduate degrees from the United Kingdom in the shortest time possible. When he returned to Dhaka, his reputation as a brilliant physician spread throughout the country very quickly. He was a very accomplished medical researcher and a superb clinician. He rose to the rank of joint Professor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine immediately. He received the Nuffied fellowship for his contribution to medicine and was scheduled to depart for Switzerland with his whole family in 1972.

Dr Rabbee, a humanitarian, believed in Ganamukhi Chikitsha and provided free medical care to thousands of poor patients. In 1971, he and his wife helped and protected countless freedom fighters and their families from death and disaster. They stood firm in Dhaka during the war (March 1971-December 1971) and surrounded their friends of all religions who were artists, scientists, professors, bankers, and students. They believed in a progressive and secular society.

Dr. Rabbee was lifted from his house on Wednesday, 15th December at 4 pm by Pakistani army and local collaborators. Despite many efforts by his wife to reconsider the decision to kill Dr Rabbee, the Pakistani army officials went ahead with their decision to silence him forever. He was married to his beloved wife, the later Dr Jahan Ara Rabbee, ex Additional-Directory General of Health whom he met in medical school. Even though Dr Rabbee has died, his vision for Bangladesh and faith in humanity and peace prevail in many Bangladeshis at home and at abroad. He is fondly remembered for his irreplaceable contribution to Bangladesh, both for his genius in medicine and for his unwavering commitment to serve and protect the common people of our country.

Nusrat Rabbee is the daughter of Dr Md Fazle Rabbee and Dr Jahan Ara Rabbee. She is a visiting professor at the University of California at Berkeley.

Dr Md Fazle Rabbee