Vol. 4 Num 213 Wed. December 31, 2003  

Reefat's 2nd GM norm

International Master Reefat-bin-Sattar finished the Leonine Grand Masters' Chess Tournament in grand style as he earned his much-needed GM norm beside clinching the title without losing a match.

The IM, who had already confirmed the title on Monday with a game in hand, drew his ninth and final round board against fellow IM Abdullah Al Rakib at the federation hall room yesterday, but that was enough for him to earn his second nine-round GM norm. The win also made Reefat richer by 12 thousand dollars.

He now needs another nine-game norm to become the country's third Grand Master after Niaz Murshed and Ziaur Rahman.

Reefat got his first GM norm in the White Plus Grand Masters' tournament in Dhaka last year.

With the outcome, Reefat secured seven points while three players Niaz, GM Alexander Fominyh of Russia and GM Alexi Barasov of Uzbekistan collected six points each to secure the second to fourth positions.

In the last round games: Niaz beat Debasish, Zia beat Monjur and Dinesh beat Amin while Fominyh drew with Barasov.