Volume 4 Number 214 Wed. December 31, 2003    
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Monopolised cellphone business
Cellphone service was launched in Bangladesh in 1989 by CityCell. Apparently, Bangladesh is an ideal country for cellphone business.
Former PM's observations
This refers to a news item covering a former prime minister's address to a rally organised by Bangladesh Non-government Primary Teachers' Association at Paltan Maidan on December 26, 2003 (DS 27.12.2003).
An American year
What a year it's been. I marched in disbelief as they went to war. I watched in trepidation as Saddam's statue was covered with an American flag, signifying an American endeavour.
NYT story
Many years ago I had an argument with an American friend where I raised the issue of the US media's blind support for Israel.
How heartless we are....
On Thursday December 25, 2003, in a tragic plane crash in Benin we lost 16 of our beloved people. They were army personnel representing Bangladesh in a UN mission in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
Sufferings of pilgrims
As a non-balloti pilgrim from Uttara area, I, accompanied by three of my colleagues, visited the Hajj camp medical centre at Ashkona on December 28, 2003 for taking meningitis vaccine which is a mustfor
Indian IT centres
People who have a bit of IT knowledge must be aware of those "Indian franchised IT Centres". Let's call them IFIC for the time being.
NYT smear campaign
Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed's article of 23 December on the NYT editorial smearing Bangladesh and Mr. Edward al Hussainy's views on it are worth commenting upon. The journalist in question, Mr.
Dead peacekeepers
First, I would like to express my deep shock and condolence to the bereaved families. There are no words to say to lessen their pain. Only those who have lost their dear ones can feel the pain.
Who is he?
Thanks to Mr. Badal Habib for his letter published in The Daily Star on 29 December . I fully agree with him.

It is also my question to the UNO -- who is Mr.

Strike by travel agents
I consider the strike called by the Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB) from January 1, to protest reduction of agency commissions by airlines an irresponsible move.
BTV misses deadline. . .
Star City (DS December 28, 2003) reports, "BTV satellite transmission could not meet the December 25 deadline, as the information ministry did not yet ink a deal with Asia Sat.