Vol. 4 Num 218 Mon. January 05, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Salma Sobhan

Salma Sobhan represents the model of first generation career woman who has inspired and motivated women and men to work selflessly and with humility.

She was my teacher at Dhaka University in 1981. The news of her sudden demise fills my heart with sorrow. Her presence in all areas of social development and her quiet, unassuming leadership will be greatly missed.

I remember in 1996 when I left for the USA, she spoke to me and said that she regretted the years she had spent abroad and that when she had come back it was too late for her to be involved in anything in a meaningful way. She wished she had started earlier and hoped for me that I would not make the same mistake. Salma Apa did start late but once she did, her vision, zeal , knowledge and leadership quality did not take long to leave a mark and build up generations of inspired workers and institutions. Ain-o-Shalish Kendra is just one example. Salma apa was a pioneer, a leader, a social thinker far ahead of her time.

Let society remember her contributions and her values while remembering the warm and unpretentious person behind the great achievements.