Vol. 4 Num 218 Mon. January 05, 2004  
Letters to Editor

Emergence of third force

The division of British India and the establishment of Pakistan in 1947 led to many problems in the then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

Ever since, for over the last fifty-six years, we are beset with political unrest and obstacles.

We achieved our independence in 1971 and we, with the consensus of opinion of all political leaders, formed a neutral caretaker government in 1991 to hold a free and fair general election to do away with non-stop fighting and squabbles among the political leaders for power and to form a democratically elected government.

So far we have held as many as three general elections under three different caretaker governments. But all in vain. Political turmoil, tussle, din and bustle continue unabated as usual and the law and order situation in the country remains susceptible and deformed.

About the present and past state of affairs our eminent constitutional expert Dr. Kamal Hossain says, "The country is faced with a grave crisis as terrorism, extortion and corruption are rampant and the government has failed to check these like its predecessors."

The fact is that the party in power and the party in opposition have always been busy accusing each other tooth and nail and digging grave for each other.

And we see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Now we hear that from March 2004 the Awami League is going to launch a nation wide campaign to oust the BNP government. We fail to understand how the Awami League would topple the elected government ? We also do not know how it is so much confident of coming to power after the BNP?

We also hear about the surfacing of a third force. We wonder what this third force (a new political party?) is going to do. What is its history and antecedent? What is the grammar and composition of the third force?

Like division, sub-division and fragmentation of land, are not we spawning political parties that create division and disunity among our people?

The BNP being in power is the first force and the Awami League in opposition is the second force in the country.

How all of a sudden the third force (the new party) can come to power superseding the 2nd force (Awami League) and the 1st force (BNP) without any general elections in the country?

We would therefore most humbly advice the parents, exponents and the advocates of the third force not to give birth to any child or float a new political party.

We would rather highly appreciate, strongly support and fully cooperate with them (the third force) if it works as a messenger of peace, mediator and co-ordinator between the Awami league and the BNP to help arrive at a consensus of opinion on the following ten points:-

1. Status of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Shaheed Ziaur Rahman.

2. Powers and functions of caretaker government.

3. Independence of the Election Commission.

4. Result of the general elections.

5. Attending Jatiya Sangsad.

6. Observing hartals, holding public meetings and rallies.

7. Combating terrorism, corruption, bribe, toll collection and smuggling.

8. Declaring assets and property of ministers, MPs and all political and employees' union leaders of the rank of president, secretary, joint secretary and executive member.

9. Independence of judiciary.

10. Decentralisation of power.

Where there is a will there is a way. Where there is no vision, the people perish.