Vol. 4 Num 222 Fri. January 09, 2004  

TV drama
Aronyer Sukh Dukkha to be aired from today

A14-episode drama serial directed by popular actor Toukir Ahmed, will go on air on ntv from today. The script has been written by renowned director and scriptwriter Ferdous Hasan.

Aronyer Sukh Dukkha is the 6th drama directed by Toukir Ahmed. The director himself is very much conscious of the standard of the work. 'It is a story representing various aspects of our society.' He said. 'The shooting of the play was located at the village and also the Mega city, as the story demanded.'

Toukir Ahmed worked with a number of eminent artistes in this play. When asked as to how he felt as a director, he replied, 'I have often worked with them and they were all very co-operative, especially Afzal Hussain and Subarna Mustafa.'

The story revolves around two friends Amirul Haque Chowdhury and Saleh Ahmed who live in a beautiful village with their family. They work for the same company and coincidentally both of them get suspended from their jobs at the same time. Deeply shocked, Amirul Haque commits suicide while Saleh Ahmed accepts his fate but does not let his family know the truth. He pretends to go to office everyday carrying but in reality, spends the day here and there. Ultimately he fails to hide the truth. His son, played by Toukir Ahmed, takes up the responsibility and moves to the city, symbolising a turn in the story.

The cast of the play includes Afzal Hossain, Suborna Mustafa, Toukir Ahmed, Tarin, Abul Hayat, Amirul Hoque Choudhury, Saleh Ahmed Sams Sumon, Dilara Zaman, Sharmin Shila and many others, and will be broadcast every Friday at 9:45 pm on ntv.

(L-R) Afzal Hossain, Suborna Mustafa and Toukir Ahmed as they appear in Aronyer Sukh Dukkha