Volume 4 Number 235 Wed. January 21, 2004    
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Letters to Editor
Shrine tragedy
To our utter surprise, a powerful bomb blast took place at saint and preacher Shahjalal's (RA) shrine. It was a horrible crime, the motive behind which is not known.
Manik Saha
It was a horrible shock to pick up the morning paper here in Sri Lanka and read of Manik Saha's death.
Judicial reform
The government is made of three organs: Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. These are inter-related as the legislature enacts laws, the executive branch implements them and the judiciary interprets.
Take action or stop talking
Everyday I read about grievances against Guantanamo Bay or digital finger-printing or "danger lists.
Hartal culture
It is possible in Bangladesh for any political party to call and make a hartal successful even if that party does not have a single seat in parliament.
War criminal- Saddam or Bush?
The US-UK-Australia alliance unilaterally attacked Iraq in March 2003 without any threat from the Iraqis.
A different sunset
Finally I got sometime to reflect back on 2003. Oh, it seems like 2003 was the most dismal year of the millennium. Yet the 31st drew its grand finale.
Ahmadiyya issue
So it begins by banning books and ends with murder and mayhem in the name of hurting the feelings of a few? I was under the impression that Bangladesh was a People's Republic. I thought there was a democracy.
What is Third Force ?
For quite some time , the political arena is turbulent . All are very agog about the so-called Third Force. Actually, in our society most people are fed up with political polarisation.
Fanatics gaining ground ?
The last thing Bangladesh needs now is further provocation to the negative campaign that is being launched against it in the international media.
Why the middle class?
It seems to have turned into a compulsive practice of the government to ring the hapless middle class by any means until they groan under the impact of all kinds of newly imposed levies and other related
Ban on Ahmadiyya books
It is regrettable that the government has imposed a ban on all publications of the Ahmadiyya sect . Sadly, once again the government has capitulated to religious bigotry.