Vol. 4 Num 237 Sat. January 24, 2004  

Flag meeting held BSF stops barbed wire fencing along Akhaura border

The Indian Border Security Force (BSF) has stopped raising barbed wire fencing along the border in Akahrua following a Flag Meeting with BDR on Thursday, BDR Commander Lt. Abu Musa Sharafuddin said yesterday.

The battalion commander-level meeting was held at Akawra check post.

Lt. Abu Musa Sarafuddin led the BDR team. The BSF team was led by Battalion Commander M Kumar.

Col. Abu Musa said BDR intervened when BSF started raising barbed wire fencing inside the 150 metre no man's land along the border, which is illegal.

At the meeting, BSF agreed to stop the work and remove the pillars erected for raising the fencing, Col Musa said when contacted over phone.

The meeting also discussed steps to stop cross-border smuggling.