Vol. 4 Num 246 Thu. February 05, 2004  
Letters to Editor

An emblem of liberation

The sculpture 'Swadhinata Sangram' is the absolute embodiment of the consciousness and struggle of Bangalees. Eminent sculptor Shamim Sikder erected this grand and pompous sculpture.

It is situated on the turn of the Fuller Road, i.e. between Jaga-nnath Hall and SM Hall. Former prime minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the sculpture on 10th March, 1999.

Shamim Sikder built the first, and one of the largest, sculpture gardens in the country. The artisan has also created one hundred and three small sculptures around the altar of liberation memorial sculpture. Images of prominent persons and different scenes of Bangalee culture have been included in the garden.

Four phases of our history 1952, '69, '71 and '75 have been represented in Sadhinata Sangram. The phases of history have reduced the work into a compound sculpture. In fact, every phase is a distinct sculpture. The usage of light, music and water makes the work very attractive and impressive to the visitors. A spring of water, mellifluous tune of music and mesmerising light amid the sculpture create a fine artistic environment.

Many visitors from remote areas come to enjoy the beauty of the sculpture and its surroundings. It is really a pleasant sight.