Vol. 4 Num 250 Mon. February 09, 2004  
Star City

Bottled danger still on

A set of dishonest traders in Old Dhaka continues to fill used plastic water bottles with tap water and fastens fake security seals to them for sale.

Thousands of such bottles labelled 'drinking water' are sold in retail shops and supplied at family functions, get-togethers and public meetings.

The Daily Star published a story headlined "Bottled danger" highlighting the problem on October 1 last year.

Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI) decided to raid the illegal businesses and seize the equipment used to make fake security seals, but the BSTI inspection team never implemented the decision, allowing an uninterrupted supply of the illegal products across the country.

About two weeks before the Eid-ul-Azha, this correspondent visited Nawab Katra Road and some other places where such business goes unchecked and found the same people engaged in the back-street commercial venture.

Garbage collectors and rickshawpullers supply empty plastic bottles to such traders who recycle the bottles without using disinfecting method. According to the traders, each bottle with label intact will fetch Tk 0.20-0.30, depending on the quality of the bottle.

Some distilled water manufacturers, expressing disappointment at the issue, said the same product under a false brand costs much less than the original, forcing them to reduce production costs and arrange fixed clients for supply of their products straight from factories.