Vol. 4 Num 270 Mon. March 01, 2004  

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Tara Bangla and MTV India's joint collaboration--Fully PhataPhati

Bangladeshi Rock and Pop music have recently created a significant hype for a noteworthy point taken by the music admirers' most prestigious entertainment channel--MTV. Our music has gone to the next level, as the underground bands and solo artistes' movement has contributed to quality music, which has attained a standard at par with that of the international paradigm. A joint collaboration with Tara Bangla, MTV started promoting Bangladeshi music by inviting selected bands and solo performers to shoot music videos of the respective bands. This is indeed a great achievement; our local viewers will be able to enjoy MTV quality videos of our local musicians aired on Fridays at Tara Bangla's 'Fully Phata Phati' programme.

The artists chosen so far were the Band groups Miles, Pentagon and solo performers Kaniz Shuborna, Mehreen, Shuvro Dev, Tishma and many more. The main productions of the video shoots were completed in Mumbai.

Speaking to one such band Pentagon, The Daily Star got some insights. 'Most interestingly, the speed of the work of the whole programme was rather fascinating. The production team is as professional as it can get, each setup is pre-designed and takes only 20 minutes to get ready for take,' reveals one of the band members. The ever-enthusiastic Tipu--percussionist of the band adds more, 'The over all environment of the spot is simply amazing. The decor, lighting and the ambience make it an alluring experience. Most importantly, the directors and producers took the trouble of reading our lyrics beforehand to design the set; therefore, the music videos became more authentic'.

'The videos were shot at a studio in Mumbai and directed by the renowned music director Shaer Bedi. The 10 songs are--Shorbonashi, Your Honour, Sadhana, Brishti, Hotat korey, Chup chap nirobota and more. The video of Brishti actually had rain dripping over us, adding some extra spice to the amazing recipe', concluded the band.

The band line-up for Pentagon is Shumon (Lead Vocals and Guitar), JIbon (Drums), Tipu on Percussions, Aumi and Alif--Percussion and Vocals, Morshed on Bass, Shams on Keyboard and finally the Metal Maze splendour Faysal on Guitars and backup vocals.

There is a viewers' choice scroll full of songs to be requested from, 'Fullly Phata Phati' plays them answering to phone calls, e-mail or fax. As we strive to overcome tension in everyday existence, our music will definitely be an effective means to soothe our souls.

Pentagon performing a gig