Vol. 4 Num 272 Thu. March 04, 2004  

Reception to notable artistes 2004
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy honours seven performers

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy accorded reception to seven artistes for their contribution to music and dance at the experimental Theatre Hall of the Academy last Sunday. State Minister for Cultural Affairs Begum Selima Rahman handed over a crest and Tk. 10,000 to each of the recipients--Bazlur Rahman Badal for dance, Yasin Khan classical music, and Kuti Mansur, Farida Yasmeen, Ila Majumdar, Razia Shahid and Rawshan Ara Mustafiz for music.

Born in the early 1920s, Ustad Bazlur Rahman Badal started dancing when he was very young. Although in the conservative Muslim society dancing was not allowed, he continued and specialised in folk dance. Badal became famous for his extraordinary dance composition of the poem Bidrohi (the rebel) of Kazi Nazrul Islam. At the age of 82 he is still dedicated to promote dance.

Kuti Mansur is a musician who started to write and sing songs at the age of 12. He has been working as a musician, lyricist and music director for BTV since 1966. Kuti has about 12 thousand folk, modern, Murshidi, Marfati, Islamic, spiritual, Bhatiali and other types of songs -- both written and tuned -- to his credit. He has also written songs for Bangla films. Among his most popular songs Ami ki tor apon chhilam na re Jorina, Ke boley manush morey, Premer mora je jon moirachhe are best known.

Yasin Khan had his first lessons in Tabla under his brother Ustad Phuljhuri Khan at the age of 10 in 1940. Within twelve years of training Yasin became a master player of both the Tabla and Sitar. He is a regular artiste of Bangladesh Television.

Farida Yasmeen began singing in Kolkata as a little girl inspired by her mother. She has sung many songs since the establishment of BTV in 1964. Her playback songs Saiya bedardi mera, Tumi jiboney moroney and Phuler hawa were great hits.

Ila Majumdar was attracted to music as an influence of the cultural environment of her family. Her music attained a new dimension as an apprentice of the celebrated classical musician Ustad Bareen Majumdar. She has won prizes and awards for her brilliance in music. A regular artiste of Bangladesh Betar and BTV, Ila has written a widely read book titled Srutitey Smrititey Bareen Majumdar, a memoir of her life with musician husband Bareen Majumdar.

Known as a Tagore singer, Razia Shahid has been rendering songs on BTV since 1967. Still at the age of sixty, she is continuing with her renditions.

Rawshan Ara Mustafiz learned music from her mother Rashida Khatun Chowdhury and started to perform in children's programmes on radio at the age of six. She has been an artiste of special category at the Bangladesh Television for the last three decades. She has written a book on music titled Shurer Bhubon for learners. An expert in classical music, Rawshan has equal expertise in Nazrul Sangeet, modern and folk songs too.

As a regular curriculum of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, it honours a number of noted artistes every year. Cultural Secretary Modabbir Hossain Chowdhury, Ahmed Nazir and Abul Kalam Shafi Ahmed of Shilpakala Academy were also present at the programme.

The guests and awardees seen with State Minister for Cultural Affairs Begum Selima Rahman (sitting L).