Vol. 4 Num 273 Fri. March 05, 2004  

Conscience and Society
Move to ban gay marriages deserves appreciation

President Bush of late deserves an appreciation for his stand : He has proposed an amendment to the US Constitution banning gay and lesbian marriages. This has support of about 56 per cent Americans, but some are expressing doubts whether the Constitution should at all be amended for the purpose or some other measures, including Executive Orders, be taken. The reason probably is that during the period of 213 years the US had only 17 amendments to its Constitution. Some feel that the amendment would be discriminatory while some others see it as President Bush's political move during the election year. This may be seen as a political move, but this undoubtedly has moral justification. The Democratic Presidential contenders evaded this issue and did not make any comment except one Presidential candidate (not the front runners) who reportedly said one should not bother about who goes to bed with who; the main concern should be how many are going without jobs. This only shows one's lack of respect for the moral and social imperatives thus reflecting the sign of a decadent society.

Regardless of different views expressed by some in the matter, gay marriage is absolutely against what Almighty God ordained for His creation -- setting the rules for marriages which can happen only between opposite sexes. Even dogs and cats and all other creatures other than human beings strictly follow Nature's Order in terms of union of male and female. The union of same sex is totally unnatural and seen as a sin.

Indeed, in the Scriptures it is clearly mentioned that God destroyed the people involved in such abominable and sinful acts. Some time ago, a gay man was appointed as Bishop at an Anglican Church in the USA despite the fact that this was objected to by many Bishops and Cardinals in Anglican Church in both the UK and the USA. Indeed, this raised hue and cry among the people with right mind and having strict adherence to Faith. Today Anglican Church stands divided on this issue. There is absolutely no doubt that the man, being gay, has been committing sins knowing full well that it is a sin and therefore he is in no position to help any one to be nearer to God spiritually. Pope Johm Paul also opposed the gay marriages reflecting the view that it degrades the sense of natural marriage which has been ordained by God.

Gay marriage destroys the very concept of a family -- something God has ordained through Adam and Eve. The whole civilization was created and advanced thereafter on the basis of the union of two opposite sexes. Indeed, God's creation would come to a standstill if all the people on earth turn gay. Therefore, it is totally anti-God and against the basic tenet of Faith and must be rejected by the society at large. Gay marriage must not only be banned, the people engaged in such anti-religious and anti-social activities should be punished appropriately.

Some people say that the deadly disease of AIDS had its origin from the people engaged in gay acts. Only the experts of diseases and medicine can confirm this. If it is a fact, then this must be banned to also stop further spread of deadly AIDS.

The rights of an individual and group or groups emanate from the fundamental tenets of God's creation and good order of a society. The rights of individuals are obviously constrained by the society's order and set rules of behaviour. Moreover, when an individual talks of his rights, he must also be aware of his obligations to the society in general. One cannot do whatever he likes; the limits are already set by the society' s norms. One may say that he has the right to dance naked in public. But can he do that? Obviously not. If he does so he will be considered mad and be dealt with appropriately. The same goes for gay marriages. So the rights and the freedom of individuals living in a society stand circumscribed to the extent the society can bear it.

The gay marriages go against the very basis of God's creation -- union of opposite sexes starting from the days of Adam and Eve. Any one going against that must be dealt with appropriately for the sake of appropriate social order and above all to show respect to what Almighty God has ordained for His creation. Therefore, appropriate law should be enacted if it does not exist. Hence President Bush's stand on Constitutional amendment for banning gay marriages is right and deserves support from the American people as well as the Congress. This should be a lesson for other countries too which are allowing gay marriages and other anti-religious and anti-social activities like cooperative marriages between opposite sexes in the name of freedom and rights of individuals.

Muslehuddin Ahmad is a former Secretary and Ambassador and founder president of North South University