Vol. 4 Num 281 Fri. March 12, 2004  
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Fatwa against Ahmadiyyas in Noakhali village

People of the Ahmadiyya community of Ambarnagar village in Noakhali district are passing through utter insecurity after a local Imam ostracized them issuing a fatwa that they were non-Muslim.

Moshed Alam Chowdhury, claiming to be a victim of the fatwa, alleged Maulabi Salauddin, the Imam of local Baitush Sharif Mosque declared the community non-Muslim after the Jummah prayers On March 5 and asked the locals to boycott them socially.

He said the fatwa put his community under siege as people feared going out of house and relatives stopped visiting them.

"After the declaration of the imam, his followers threatened us coming out of home, forced me to shut down my chamber in the bazaar and local youths beat a maid for going to shop for us," Morshed, a homeopathic doctor, alleged.

The family of Alamgir Hossain, Omar Faruk and Tajul Islam reported of facing the same difficulties.

Salauddin, also teacher of a local high school, confessed to issuing the fatwa and said he asked the local residents to follow his edict.