Volume 4 Number 286 Wed. March 17, 2004    
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Deaths in Spain
The al-Qaeda has accepted the responsibility for the recent bomb blast in Spain. If that is so, then I must say that it is working against the whole human race.
Muktangon incident
All eyes were focused on Muktangon on March 12 where Dr. B Chowdhury was expected to deliver his speech. But the ruling party activists made sure that the speech was not delivered.
I am afraid...
Dr. B Chowdhury is a former president of Bangladesh. The president is supposed to be a neutral person who upholds the honour of the esteemed office and is respected by all.
Democracy, a far cry...
The current political stage in Bangladesh is really very volatile and obviously a matter of great concern. President Ziaur Rahman introduced the multi-party democracy in the early 80's.
Bangladeshi television programs in different satellites
To meet the needs of overseas Bangladeshi viewers, the Bangladeshi television channels (government and private) are telecasting Bangla programmes over satellites.
Minimum second class?
The imposition of the condition of 'Minimum Second Class' in all public examinations to be eligible for applying for any job does not bear any justification if the merit of a candidate is adjudged through
IMF and the World Bank
I have read the rebuttal "BB dismisses allegation of IMF's control thru' advisor" with interest.
Women's participation in parliament
Thanks for publishing an article on the most talked about issue of "Increasing women's participation in parliament: What is the best alternative?" (March 14, 2004).
Ninety-six hour hartal!
In the March 10 issue of The Daily Star, the headline of a news item, '96 hr hartal if govt quits not by March' jolted me -- it was almost like a physical blow.
What happened in Harare?
We are very upset. We have just seen the innings of Bangladesh team.
How much and how long?
This refers to the lead news in the DS on March 14, 2004.
Don't shorten the name, please
I am a regular reader of The Daily Star and its magazine, and I have recently observed that you have shortened the name of Professor Badruddoza Chowdhury to 'B Chy'. It doesn't sound good.
From the holy places...
The Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz Al-Saud said on several occasions, " I have given all attention so that Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah would be amongthe
Mindless political game
Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina has promised to topple the government by enforcing a series of hartals. I think she is risking her party being detached from the people, as everybody hates hartal now.