Vol. 4 Num 290 Mon. March 22, 2004  

Upcoming talent
Creating passion through the Sitar

We were overwhelmed by the mass of e-mails we received from the readers, informing us about the various talents hidden in different parts of the country. One such e-mail was about Reenat Fauzia, currently the only female sitar player in the country.

Reenat Fauzia hails from a family who is directly connected to the traditional music of our country. She is the daughter of the distinguished musicologist and litterateur Mobarak Hossain Khan and famous vocalist Fauzia Yasmeen and the niece of veteran singers Farida Yasmeen, Nilufer Yasmeen and Sabina Yasmeen. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather Ustad Ayet Ali Khan, the maestro of music and his brother, the legendary Ustad Alauddin Khan, she believes that her love for music had developed at a very early age.

'I began training in music lessons from my cousin Shahadat Hossain Khan, a reputed Sarod player in the country.' She remarked. 'However, I received my 'Guru-Shishya-Parampara' music training from my cousin Ustad Khurshid Khan, a distinguished sitar preceptor. I am still taking sitar lessons and have also done a few classical based programmes with him.'

Talking about her well-loved instrument she says, 'Playing the sitar is not as easy as it might seem to many. Playing this instrument is like an outburst of my inner emotions and painting my thoughts and feelings through the sitar strums.'

Reenat has had a brilliant academic career. She obtained her MSc in Home Economics from Dhaka University and a postgraduate Diploma from Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands. She had joined the Bangladesh Civil Service in 1993 and presently is an Assistant Professor in the College of Home Economics. She had also completed a five-year certificate course on sitar from Chhayanaut, where she has joined as a faculty member.

Reenat Fauzia regularly plays sitar on both Bangladesh Television and Radio. She also performs live for the classical music lovers. Her debut instrumental album, titled A touch of Love, has been composed and directed by her uncle Sheikh Sadi Khan, a reputed musician of the country. The compositions on Misra Piloo, Kirwani and Kafi are Greetings, A touch of love, Feelings of joy, Affection and Country music. This kind of a theme-based album will be produced for the very first time, and will be out shortly.

'Playing the sitar is an expression of my inner emotions'