Vol. 4 Num 293 Wed. March 24, 2004    
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Letters to Editor
An endangered film!
I read a very depressing piece by Kausar Islam Ayon titled "Will the film Ora Egarojon be erased from history?" on your Internet edition. It is unacceptable that this could be allowed to happen.
Hunger strike
I have read in one of the internet versions of a Dhaka daily (with photograph) that the participation in the much trumpeted hunger strike organised by the "Tritio Dhara" has been rather disappointing.
Democratic pluralism?
BNP always claims that its founder Ziaur Rahman was the pioneer of democratic pluralism in Bangladesh.
A heinous attack
In 1971, 30 lakh people died in their noble mission of liberating our country. But now it seems the freedom has been wasted to a great extent. The attack on Dr.
Politicisation of the attack on Dr. Azad
Dr. Humayun Azad was attacked by some unknown assailants recently, which hit the headlines in all the national dailies .
The bigots
Religious bigots have been demonstrating their sinister extremism over the last few years. Their ugly design has caused so many casualties in recent times.
Favourite singer
I simply love Moushumi Bhoumik's songs. When I heard that she was coming to Dhaka to perform in some charity shows, I just got eccentric.
Grace of cricket
March 13 was a general holiday in Pakistan as the Indian cricket team had flown to Pakistan after 15 long years to play a complete series.
No more subversion, please
Today in our beloved country an intolerable political situation is prevailing. The political parties of our country are using hartal as an implement with a view to ousting the government.
Road accidents
Now-a-days road accident is very common in our country. It is a sad truth that it is increasing at an alarming rate. Five SSC examinees lost their lives in a road accident in Sitakunda on 13 March.
Crossing a road
The greatest problem, difficulty, pain, pang and risk of a Dhaka city pedestrian, man or woman, young or old, is how, when and where he/she can cross a road from one side to the opposite side? Like wild
IBA admission and transparency
When poor souls like us don't have the money to get admitted to any of these 51 private universities for an MBA course, we look towards the cheapest in price and the top in quality Business School ofthe
Renovate BCS
Public Service Commission, an authorised body of the Ministry of Establishment, is going to conduct the 25th BCS examinations. The jobs under BCS cadres are lucrative in Bangladesh.
Real Bollywood stuff !
There was a time when we produced Bangla films that could easily match their Bollywood counterparts. Not any more.
No communication, no improvement
You have a BMW car but there is no road to drive it. Will it be possible to run your car? Obviously not. You just think about the opposite situation. Still the answer is no.
Flawed roads
I have noticed with increasing concern the arbitrary and dangerous changes in the road dividers, unnecessary broadening of the islands and the resultant narrowing of the main lanes.