Vol. 4 Num 296 Mon. March 29, 2004  

'Shurjomukhi Nadi' by Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts

ON the occasion of Independence Day, the Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA), commonly known as Bulbul Lalitakala Academy, staged a dance drama Shurjomukhi Nadi. The drama was held at the Mahanagar Natya Mancha on March 27 evening.

The students and teachers of the Academy performed in the drama which was based on a story of the Liberation War. Reflecting on dominant human emotions such as love, affection, hatred and feelings of revenge, the troupe told the story of Shujan. An ordinary boatman, Shujan, fought the war for his country. His beloved inspired him to go to war while his mother handed over the gun to Shujan instead of discouraging him.

BAFA, set up in Dhaka in the early 1950s, played a pioneering role in the promotion of dance in the country. Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts has helped popularise dance and other forms of performing art in the country. All 14 classical forms of the sub-continent occupy a dominant position in Bangladeshi dance. The folk dances, such as snake charmers and fishermen's dance and tribal dances like Monipuri and Santal forms are also being taught at the Academy.

The writer of the piece Shurjomukhi Nadi is Dr Enamul Haque. The performers were Sohel Rahman as Shujan, Farhana Choudhury Baby as his beloved, Selina Haque as his mother, Abdur Rashid Swapan, Ilias Haydar, Swapna, Mimi, Aniz, Tofael, Ujjal, Naim and others. The director of the dance drama was Rahiza Khanom Jhunu. Many songs of eminent singers like Syed Abdul Hadi and Abida Sultana.have been used in this performance. Some of the songs were pleasant listening to, such as Kheya parer majhi ami, Chhoto nadi bado nadi, Batashe ajke rod chhorano and Prem keno pakhi hoye.

Although the performance attracted a large audience, not everybody was complimentary about the dance drama. The ordinary and non-professional performance and the heavy make up of the heroine looked odd and inappropriate. To be fair, the colourful costumes were very attractive and appropriate as well. The music was enchanting and enthralled the audience.

Earlier a discussion programme was held at the auditorium. The chairman of Bangladesh Privatisation Commission, Inam Ahmed Chowdhury, the member of BPC, Najmul Ahsan Chowdhury and others spoke on the occasion.