Vol. 4 Num 307 Thu. April 08, 2004  
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New feat in bypass surgery

For the first time in Bangladesh, surgeons have carried out a second bypass surgery on a heart patent.

The surgery was conducted at Z H Sikder Cardiac Hospital at Rayerbazar in Dhaka recently.

The team of surgeons that conducted the operation described it as a milestone in the history of cardiovascular surgery in the country.

"It was an extremely difficult surgery attempting to remove blockages in both the arteries or channels having over 95 per cent obstruction to blood flow to the heart," said Dr Luthfor Rahman, chief cardiac surgeon at the hospital, who led the surgical team.

Never before has any surgeon in the country performed such operation on a patient already having a bypass surgery done on him or her, he pointed out.

Delwar Hossain, 61, an executive of a private organisation, had both his coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart almost blocked. He was admitted to the hospital with severe chest pain.

Surgeons found his condition grave and initially thought he had little chances of surviving an open-heart surgery. Usually about 15 out of every 100 patients in such condition die globally during second bypass surgery, they mentioned.

"He was a dying man. But we decided to do whatever we could to save a life," said Dr Rahman, who has already conducted over 700 open-heart surgeries.

Team member Dr Shams Monwar said both the arteries in his heart were blocked despite a bypass surgery in November last year.

Using a modern technology known as Octopus, the surgeons successfully repaired the blockages without stopping heartbeat and avoiding blood transfusion, which are usually done in most open-heart surgeries.

The patient now is doing fine, doctors said.

The surgical team included Dr Mujibor Rahman, Dr Amran, Dr Lokman, Dr Borah and Dr Prakash.

Dr Luthfor Rahman